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Our AFCEA chapter is here to serve you, our members.

Our Leadership Team




Paul Reimers President president@afcea-nc.org
Peggy Henderson Vice President vicepresident@afcea-nc.org
Mike Shoemaker Secretary secretary@afcea-nc.org
Susan Hardwick Treasurer treasurer@afcea-nc.org
Mary Barranti Asst. Treasurer assttreasurer@afcea-nc.org
-VACANT- VP, Awards
Phil Williams Asst VP, Corporate Membership asstvp-corporatemembership@afcea-nc.org
Todd Stuyvesant Asst VP, Corporate Membership asstvp-corporatemembership1@afcea-nc.org
 Sherman Huff. Sr  VP, Enlisted Affairs  vp-enlistedaffairs@afcea-nc.org
Bill Pope VP, Expositions vp-expositions@afcea-nc.org
Trini Capelo Asst VP, Expositions asstvp-expositions1@afcea-nc.org
Danita Cummins Asst VP, Expositions asstvp-expositions2@afcea-nc.org
Melanie Petersen Asst VP, Expositions asstvp-expositions3@afcea-nc.org
Arletta Collins VP, Individual Membership
Christine Harris Asst VP, Individual Membership
Sharon Morrisey VP, Programs vp-programs@afcea-nc.org
Emma Ely Asst VP, Programs asstvp-programs@afcea-nc.org
Marv Gordner VP, Publicity vp-publicity@afcea-nc.org
Josh Gonzalez Asst VP, Publicity asstvp-publicity@afcea-nc.org
Peggy Henderson VP, Scholarships vp-scholarships@afcea-nc.org
Georgia Popp VP, Science Teaching Tools vp-scienceteachingtools@afcea-nc.org
Jeff Minson Asst VP, Science Teaching Tools asstvp-scienceteachingtools@afcea-nc.org
David Vaughn VP, Young AFCEANs vp-young_afceans@afcea-nc.org
Greg Trumpfheller Web Developer webdev@afcea-nc.org
Jenn Greenwell Asst Web Developer asstwebdeveloper@afcea-nc.org
Shawn Walker Golf Chair golfchair@afcea-nc.org
Trini Capelo Asst Golf Chair asstgolfchair@afcea-nc.org
Jerry Stidham Past President

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
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