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AFCEA NC Chapter June Luncheon

The NC Chapter of AFCEA was honored to have BG Robert L. Edmonson II, 38th Chief of Signal and Signal School Commandant as our guest speaker at the June luncheon.  BG Edmonson shared his thoughts and challenges as the commandant and chief of signal.  After giving a brief history of the Training and Doctrine Command he addressed the need to train for change.  We no longer have the luxury of changing after the need is identified, but must train to change in anticipation of the need.

This means broadening one’s assignments.  In other words, being proficient in more than one discipline, or building tomorrow’s Signal community requirements today.  Instead of specialized troopers, everyone must be multi-disciplined.  The next conflict will never be like the last conflict.

The modern Army must prepare for large scale operations in a contested and congested environment.  The troopers must be taught how to think and not what to think.  It’s all about change.  Industry must evaluate relevancy and change as needed.  Solutions need to be cheaper, easier to use, and survivable.

AFCEA-NC thanks BG Edmondson for his passionate and informative presentation.


AFCEA-NC Chapter May Luncheon


The North Carolina Chapter of AFCEA had a special luncheon on May 10 at the Iron Mike Conference Center at Ft. Bragg.  Our special guest speaker was MG Mitchell L. Kilgo, J6 Director, Headquarters United States Central Command.   General Kilgo assisted Paul Reimers, Chapter President, BG Todd Isaacson of FORCSCOM and Kayla Thiesen, Chapter Scholarship Chairperson with the presentation of $2000 scholarships to Antonio Capelo, Angelina Neiberger, Cassidy Long, Harper Long, and Christian Pierce.

He then spoke on the challenges presented by the joint environment among our military as well as our coalition partners.  Even though the technology would allow for 95% accessibility among these, policy determines what can be shared and those policies are rigid and difficult to change.  Change is unable to move at the speed of operations.   Risk management is the critical and should be managed by command rather than policy makers.

We sincerely appreciate General Kilgo’s participation.  It was good to have him back home at Ft. Bragg.

TechNet Ft. Bragg 2018

The AFCEA NC Chapter completed a highly successful symposium and technical exposition.  The event was held at the Crown Coliseum Complex in Fayetteville NC and included a keynote address by Major General Gallagher, Director, Network Cross-Functional Team, U.S. Army. Brigadier General Maria Barrett, Deputy Director of Operations, U.S. Cyber Command spoke at the closing luncheon as well as participating in the Women in Technology Panel.  The event offered many opportunities to participate in government panels, industry panels, track sessions regarding mission command, cyber and multi-domain, professional development breakfasts, and continuing education classes.   762 attendees participated in these events and also got to see the latest in technology advances presented by the 70 vendors showing their products in the exhibit hall.

Another successful science fair was held in the Future Leaders Pavilion where teams for area schools showed the innovative ideas they are developing as the upcoming leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  

19 new members were added to the AFCEA membership roles during the event.  

The week ended with a golf tournament which attracted many sponsors and teams. More about this will be coming in a future news story. 

Our after action report focused on ways we might improve future expositions but all in all, the AFCEA-NC Chapter counts this as mission accomplished. 

We want to thank all of our sponsors, speakers, presenters, attendees and vendors for their tremendous support.  Watch this website for announcements about future expositions and other events.  Plan to join us next year because “nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina”



Golf Tournament


March 14 AFCEA Luncheon

Mr. David Blake, Client Executive Director of AT&T Global Public Sector Solutions spoke at the AFCEA North Carolina Chapter luncheon on March 14, 2018.  As he stated the Cloud is changing Wide Area Networks, endpoint definitions are changing, and global Internet Protocol traffic is growing exponential.  So how are we to deal with all of these changes?  We must develop on-demand capabilities.  This will provide global scalability but must come through total value solutions with end to end security and high availability.  One approach that will be widely utilized is SDN (Software Defined Networks) along with NFV (Network Functional Virtualization).   Many of these methods are already being widely used by the major ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and by DOD (Department of Defense).   Our chapter was fortunate to have Mr. Blake share his knowledge and we want to express our appreciation to him for joining us.


Paul Reimers, AFCEA-NC President presents David Blake with a token of appreciation for speaking at the March luncheon.

From Tee to Green$

The  North Carolina Chapter of AFCEA held a golf tournament on October 13, 2017 at Carolina Trace Country Club.   This is one of our fundraising activities which benefits our scholarship and STEM grant opportunities.  The even was a success but only because of our sponsors, players, and volunteers.  Our thanks go out to all of these.  Without you we couldn’t raise the funds we need to support our educational initiatives.   Our hats are off to you!

Modular Data Centers

 Mr. John Fitzgerald speaks at the September chapter luncheon


Mr. John Fitzgerald

Account CTO (Chief Technology Officer) DoD (Department of Defense) and Federal

Enterprise Business, Americas  Hewlett Packard Enterprise spoke at the September AFCEA NC Chapter luncheon.   Mr. Fitzgerald gave an overview of modular data centers.  He spoke in very non vendor specific terms since multiple companies have capabilities in this field.   Modular data centers are usually prefab units that are hyper scalable and portable.

The units are built with power, HVAC, fire suppression and meant to be very serviceable and manageable.  Customized to meet the customer needs, they can be built with thermal (Tempest standard), and ballistic shielding.  Level 3 Seismic standards are incorporated to allow for shipping by various methods, including shipboard, air freight, helicopter and truck.   These mobility requirements can also be engineered into the final product to meet the user needs.   Power can be external or self contained.

An interesting feature of his presentation was the potential use of Hydrogen fuel cells to power 65KW generators for DC/or inverted AC power.   Since the only by product of hydrogen fuel is water, this can also be used to aid in cooling.  Further advances in technology are being studied to use solar energy to power and electrolyzer to produce Hydrogen fuel.

The key benefits of modular data centers are:  Portable, Modular, and Scalable.

AFCEA NC Chapter would like to thank Mr. Fitzgerald for his time and expertise

Paul Reimers, Chapter President presents a token of appreciation to John Fitzgerald


Mr. Reimers also was able to present a $1000  STEM Grant from the chapter to Kelly Osornio of Eastover Central Elementary School to be used for their participation in the Science Olympiad.

Paul Reimers, Chapter President presents a STEM Grant to Kelly Osornio as Georgia Popp, Chaper STEM Grant coordinator looks on.

Local Schools Receive STEM Grants


The  NC Chapter of AFCEA presented 11 STEM Grants to local teachers and educators at our August 19 Chapter Luncheon.   Each recipient was given the opportunity to describe their projects to the attendees.     These are the recipients

Campbell University and Harnett County High Schools.   Teacher:  Lynn Albers.  Project:  FIRST Robotics Team

Pender High School.  Teacher: Jared Pinkson.
Project:  FIRST Robotics Team

Van Story Hills.  Teacher: Alison Hurley.
Project:  Sphero Robotics.

Pine Forest High School.  Teacher: Michelle Quinn, RN.
Project:  Chromebooks for online demonstrations.

Stoney Point Elementary School.  Teacher:  Cynthia Chisholm.  Project: 3D Printing.

Cleveland Community College and Cleveland Early College High School. Teacher: Rodney Cobb.  Project:  FIRST Robotics Team

Eastover-Central Elementary School of Arts.  Teacher:  Kelly Osornio.  Project:  Science Olympiad Team.

Rockfish Elementary School. Teacher:  Rachel Andress.
Project:  Sphero Robotics.

NC School of Science and Mathematics.
Teacher:  Joe LoBuglio.  Project:  FIRST Robotics Team.

Howard Hall Elementary.  Teacher:  Natasha McKoy.
Project:  Sphero Robotics.

Lillian Black Elementary.  Teacher:  Jenni Clark.
Project:  Sphero Robotics.

Heavy emphasis this year on robotics at the high school and elementary school levels.   We had grants for 3D printers, laptops for online demo’s / instructions for EMT (emergency medical tech classes at high school level), and a grant for Science Olympiad Team (STEM competition at high school level).   We also had two of the FIRST robotics teams bring in their robots for our AFCEA members to see and even test drive.

Our chapter is proud to support our local educators and future technology leaders under their guidance.

AFCEA Scholarship Presentation


Paul Reimers, President of the North Carolina Chapter of AFCEA presented a scholarship check to Jacob Lamia at the July Chapter luncheon.

Jacob  Lamia

  • Graduated from CAPE Fear HS, Fayetteville NC with a 3.9 GPA.
  • During his senior year, he also took college classes at Fayetteville Tech Community College;
  • Career Degree Pursuit – Robotics Engineering in medicine; he designed a robotic hand prosthetic;
  • Eagle Scout, National Honor Society, Civil Air Patrol Cadet program, Boy Scouts of America award, Varsity track, Cross country, swim team,
  • College:  considering Methodist University or Fayetteville State University
  • Jacob’s dad is an AFCEA member.

July 2017 AFCEA Luncheon-Scott Rich, Chief Technology Officer, NetApp

The  North Carolina Chapter of AFCEA welcomed Mr. Scott Rich to our monthly luncheon to talk about the relevant trends in data management that will help the DoD leverage their data to make better decisions.  Mr. Rich provided an excellent overview of the value of data and how it is being used in the commercial and private sectors to establish a better “machine learning” capability.  In an example with the company, Tesla, he provided some examples of how these cars are collecting driver data and integrating routes, stops, and dwell times to capture consumer habits and then use targeted marketing to influence behavior and decisions.  He also discussed a topic call “Data Fabric” and harnessing the power of the hybrid cloud, building of next generation data centers, and modernizing storage through data management.  Mr. Rich also discussed about how the DoD can continue its efforts to move to the cloud at the NIPR, SBU, and SIPR levels.  Commercial cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services are already providing support in handling Level 5 government data. We sincerely appreciate Mr. Rich coming to talk to us and provide an excellent presentation.  On behalf of Mr. Paul Reimers, President of the NC AFCEA Chapter, Mr. Rich was presented with a small token of our appreciation.

Lt. Gen. Mike Basla, (ret) USAF praises AFCEA

Lt. Gen.  Mike Basla, (ret) USAF spoke at the NC AFCEA chapter luncheon on June 14, 2017.  Mr. Basla, now an Executive Vice President at CACI, which sponsored the luncheon,  praised AFCEA as a professional organization and strongly encouraged anyone who isn’t a member to join right away. In fact he made a generous personal donation to pay for any non members present at the luncheon to join. He thanked the local community of soldiers, DOD employees, contractors and their families for the sacrifices they make in the fight against our adversaries.

General Basla not only gave a history of AFCEA as an organization but explained how the collaboration between the government, industry and academia have contributed to more effective methods, technology, and weaponry to  prosecute the many conflicts we have faced in the 70 years since AFCEA was first stood up.  AFCEA is crucial to the development of technologies including cyber.  Through coursework, training, and networking the brightest and best share ideas and collaborate to keep our nation safe.


Emily Vanhoozer and Hannah Stanton presented with $2000 scholarships by Mike Basla, Trini Capelo, VP AFCEA-NC, Paul Reimers, President AFCEA-NC

Paul Reimers, President AFCEA-NC presents Mike Basla a token of appreciation for speaking.

Mission Accomplished

 Paul Reimers, President of the NC Chapter of AFCEA opens TEchNet Ft. Bragg 2017

Brigadier General David Isaacson, Deputy Chief of Staff, CIO/G6 FORSCOM Welcomes the attendees to TechNet Ft. Bragg

TechNet Ft. Bragg 2017 was a resounding success thanks to the participation of the US Army, DOD, Industry, and our AFCEA volunteers.


  • 761 Attendees
  • 261 Luncheon attendees
  • 61 vendor booths in our Technology Show
  • Our first-ever Emerging Leaders Pavilion
  • Practical agenda with 39 speakers (leaders and experts from the Army, DoD and Industry) across general sessions and three tracks
  • Very good conversations and professional networking
  • Scholarship presentations (to 3 of our 7 scholarship winners)

The theme of this year’s conference was Enabling Mission Command In A Mulit-Domain Operating Environment which was well represented by the featured speakers and in the panel discussions.   This is the main event for fund raising for our chapter which provides money for our scholarship program and STEM teaching grant activity.  The AFCEA NC Chapter would like to extend our appreciation to all who participated.  Without you, it wouldn’t be possible.


Major General John Morrison Commanding General U. S. Cyber Center of Excellence Addressing the attendees during the keynote address

For more photos click here


Young AFCEANS Host Emerging Leaders Pavilion at TechNet Ft. Bragg

Josh  Estes and Kayla Murphy, AFCEA NC Chapter Young AFCEANs hosted an Emerging Leaders Pavilion at TechNet Ft. Bragg on April 25, 2017.  This event attracted entrants from several area schools who displayed and explained their projects in a science fair setting.   Kayla and Josh judged the entrants and selected first, second, and third place winners along with two random winners.   The following industry partners donated prizes:

Dell- 3-XPS15 laptop computers

Microsoft-Microsoft SurfacePro4

Ntt Data-Apple iPad Mini 4 and $100

AFCEA NC added $1000 to the prizes.


The event was sponsored by CACI Internationl Inc.

Our chapter and our industry partners are committed to encouraging, recognizing, and mentoring our future science and technology leaders.

Emerging Leaders Pavilion Participants

Janice Suggs Memorial Scholarship Winners Recognized at TechNet Ft. Bragg 2017

The 2017 Janice Suggs Memorial Scholarship winners were recognized at the AFCEA NC Chapter luncheon on April 26 during TechNet Ft. Bragg 2017.  These young people have attained academic excellence and are set to become the next generation of science and technology leaders.   This is just one small way in which AFCEA gives back to the local community.   Please congratulate these when you see them.

–  Major General Peter Gallagher   Director of Architecture, Operations, Networks and Space, HQ DA CIO/G-6)

– Paul Reimers, President, AFCEA NC Chapter

– William Clark,  Jack Britt High School, Fayetteville, NC

– Hannah Glave,  Cross Creek Early College High School, Fayetteville, NC

– Angelina Nieberger, Saint Thomas More Academy, Raleigh NC

– Brigadier General David Isaacson Deputy Chief of Staff, CIO/G6, U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM)

Not able to attend were:

Emily Van Hoozer, Grays Creek High School, Hope Mills, NC

Jarred Lobo, UNC Chapel Hill

Jacob Lamia, Cape Fear High School, Fayetteville Tech, Fayetteville, NC

Hannah Stanton, Union Pines High School, Cameron NC


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